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Hi, I’m Deon, and as the site’s subtitle says, I do a little bit of everything, though I mostly focus on web development.

To expand on that, I’ve been a developer of web-based solutions (just a fancy term for web developer) for more than a decade and I’ve also dipped my toes in other forms of development, such as apps and stand-alone software. I even had a brief stint as a teacher, trying (and hopefully succeeding) in showing high school students how to code. I’ve even designed a couple of things.

During my time as a web developer, I’ve worked on everything from small blog sites to large scale complex systems. I’ve helped build projects for large businesses, small bloggers and even a couple of non-profits.

If you need a web developer for anything, feel free to get in touch and let’s see if we can make something awesome happen.

Apart from my day job I also explore several other areas. The first job I ever wanted to have was a comic book artist. This started before I was 10 years old and for a long time, it’s sort of fell by the wayside. But recently I’ve rediscovered my passion for the medium and I’ve started to branch out to more than just the drawing side, which I’m still very rusty at.

I’ve started to dabble in writing scripts for comics and I’m slowly working my way towards completing my very first short comic. I’m hoping to have it completed soon-ish. I’m hoping to share the journey on this website for others such as myself who are trying to check that off their bucket list.

When I’m not obsessing about code or comics there are also some other facets of entertainment and life that take up my time and attention.

After living a sedentary lifestyle for way too long I’ve started dedicating a chunk of my day to getting fit and in shape. While not always the easiest thing to do, I’ve been somewhat successful up to the time of writing, losing around 10 - 20% body fat, reducing measurements where it’s important, and even gaining some muscle. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ll be sharing my journey and what I find to work on this site.

Going hand-in-hand with fitness, but sometimes working in direct opposition to it, I do like good food and I also like cooking it. I like cooking so much I even have a personalised apron, provided by my better half. I mostly choose to attempt interesting dishes that aren’t part of our everyday diet, after all, food can be quite an adventure. However, there are just those classics that you can’t help cook regularly. My aim on this website is to share a recipe or two from time-to-time and hopefully give others some ideas for their next session in the kitchen.

And finally, who doesn’t like to relax and be entertained by a good movie, an episode of some interesting new show or an awesome game. I know I definitely do. I’ll never be (and I don’t want to be) a critic because sometimes a fun movie is just a fun movie and there’s no need to look for deeper meaning in the film. That won’t stop me from sharing my thoughts on anything that I find worthwhile, or that people need to stay away from.

These are the professions and hobbies that make up a big chunk of my life, but not all of it. My personal life isn’t really the subject of this site, but if you really have to know. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, I’m in a long term and happy relationship, together we have a derpy dog who has Addison’s disease and a cat who believes that she is the queen of our world, not to mention that ever-present mortgage.

If you’re interested in anything I do and would like to know more, or even just say hi, feel free to send me a message using the form below.

Peace out!

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